Recent work

Informed by research into posthumously reconstructed artists’ studios, the works shown here reference the studios of Francis Bacon and Giorgio Morandi. The paintings of Bacon’s studio form   part of an ongoing research project investigating various aspects of the studio now reconstructed in Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane, with a particular focus on the artist’s circular mirror. The drawings and paintings of Morandi’s studio are based on a 1:15 scale model interior of his Bolognese bedroom studio, allowing limitless configurations and perspectives for pictorial interpretations. The miniature replica objects, furniture and personal effects are not fixed in place. Likewise, the ceiling and each of the walls are removable, facilitating an exploration of the peripheral and ambient space of the 20th century Italian artist’s still life paintings. Here, the vestiges of Morandi’s life become a still life; a prop to explore the boundaries between object and image, private and public, authenticity and artifice.