Interiors 2006-2011

Time and place are not static within these pictorial spaces, rather, a diverse vocabulary of opulent, historical interiors, cultural references and mysterious studio props are conflated into composite images. Careful attention to detail can be observed in the refined treatment of surface texture, elaborate patterning and perspectival effects, but beyond the appearance of surfaces one may find connotations of a hidden presence or cryptic drama, underscored by the titles of the solo exhibitions in which many of these works have featured: Mise en scène (2007), Ulterior/Interior (2009) and Decoy Décor (2011). While ‘décor’, from the French, can be generally defined as the interior decoration of a room, it is also a theatrical term in reference to stage scenery. These pictorial fictions are indeed staged; the ostensible plausibility suggested by their convincing illusion is subverted by the implicit artifice and strangeness of these improbable spaces.